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Low Sugar Recipes


Gluten-Free Chicken Burrito

By On May 10, 2013

Aside from sushi and pasta, Mexican food is one of my absolute favourites. I was so excited this week when I found Yorkshire Farms ground chicken on special at the grocery store.… Read More


Gluten-Free Turkey Burgers

By On May 2, 2013

I really wanted to introduce a new recipe into my dinner routine this week so I decided to experiment with a new turkey burger recipe that is not only gluten-free, but also… Read More


Grain-Free Cranberry Pumpin Crackers

By On April 25, 2013

I am so excited to share this new cracker recipe with all of you! For months I have had a dehydrator laying around the house, and like so many home appliances it was hidden… Read More


Dijon Salmon Recipe

By On April 11, 2013

While preparing a nutritious dinner can be tricky when you lead a busy lifestyle it is no excuse to stop eating foods that will truly benefit your health. One of my favourite… Read More