Nutrition Services

Free Consultations Now Available

Discovering The Right Ingredient to the healthier and happier you involves an integrated and personalized approach to achieve your wellness goals. There are no quick fixes, but rather long-term changes that will enhance your quality of life on a daily basis.

Initial Assessment & Consultation $175
This is a 1 hour consultation where all of your health and nutrition goals will be discussed in detail. It involves health analysis, nutritional planning and goal setting.  Following this, you will receive a completely personalized health plan including diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

Follow up visits $80/60 minutes
Follow up visits $50/30 minutes
Skype consultations are also available

Healthy Mamas In The Kitchen $120
This cooking class/group provides an amazing weekly activity for moms or dads with babies and toddlers. Each week a new recipe along with its ingredients will be provided to the group. I will teach you how to make the recipe, share insightful health tips and provide each group member with leftovers to freeze. The recipes will be simple, nutritious and suitable for various meal and snack options.

Personalized Meal Planning $145
Based on your daily needs, health goals and preferred tastes, Ashley will build you a nutritious and delicious meal plan to make your daily life a little bit easier. Includes a 1 hour sit down, followed by a detailed meal plan that is yours to keep.

Pantry Makeover $80/per hour
This is one of the best ways to start your new journey into a healthy lifestyle. Ashley will go through all of the items in your kitchen and review the nutritional labels and benefits to see if they are in line with your new goals. Out with the old and in with the new!

Grocery Store Tour $80/per hour
This is one place that can be overwhelming to many, however Ashley wants you to view it as your favourite place to shop! Together you will tour your local grocery store to learn where the most nutritional items that fit your lifestyle can be found. She will help you learn how to understand ingredient lists and nutritional labels so you can pick the best options for you and your family.

Private Cooking Session $80/per hour
While you may have stocked your kitchen with all of the best food items in town, knowing how to put them together for a nutrition and tasty meal may pose another challenge. Ashley will teach you simple and healthy cooking options to keep you and your family satisfied every week. After all eating the food is the best part!
* Please note that food costs are separate

Nutrition Wellness Workshops/Lunch & Learn Sessions
If interested in the above please contact Ashley directly as these sessions can be tailored to completely suit your needs and interests. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ashley directly with any questions regarding the services listed above.

To book an appointment please contact her by email or by telephone at 416.625.3898